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Retford has not only a key place in the history of global beliefs (read more here... about the Mayflower Pilgrims) but also a crucial part in the history of ‘votes for all’. For a brief overview click here...

Retford’s Heritage Open Day (part of the national programme) will take place on Saturday, 14th September, 2024. Watch this space for details!


Adrian Gray explores the historic ‘Great North Road’ village of Carlton on Trent where river, road and railway all pass by! A gracious church, some fascinating old coaching inns with some scandalous history, an impressive mill plus the option of a walk across the famous ‘Holmes’. Find out about the eccentric Pocklingtons, a mystery sword and the ferry across the Trent with local historian Adrian Gray. Click photos for details and booking procedures.

Adrian Gray’s book (right) explores the important of our local history in the struggles between state control and personal freedom that had global implications.

Worksop Priory is now open for guided tours. Having recently been renovated, this landmark of the area now offers free, guided tours.
Read more here...

Clarborough & Welham from 1778
Kath Sutton’s book launched Tuesday, 11th August, 2015

Nottingham Archives -

For insights into what’s going on in Nottinghamshire have a look at
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Clarborough and Welham communities have a long history dating back at least 1000 years. For a brief summary, go to either our Clarborough History or Welham History pages.

The Parish of Clarborough (latterly, Clarborough & Welham) was, until 1934, much larger extending in a wedge shape into central Retford along Moorgate and Spital Hill. A Chapel of Ease (later St.Saviours Church) was developed from 1828 to cater for the majority of the population at the Retford end of the parish. This part of the ancient parish became separate in 1934 which needs to be understood when comparing older records with current maps.

For information about Workhouses in Clarborough and Retford, read more here...

The Chesterfield Canal runs through Clarborough and Welham - for more click here...

Have a look at our Message Board - can you help any of these enquiries? Most recently - have you any information about Basher’s motorcycles manufactured in Retford around the turn of the 20th century?

See also the history of Clarborough’s parish church of St.John the Baptist on the church’s own website.

Recent work by Charles Cave has resulted in the first comprehensive survey of the churchyard surrounding St.John the Baptist church. The survey includes both mapping of burial sites and also transcripts of surviving inscriptions. Currently, copies of Charles’ survey are held by the church and also by Bassetlaw Museum and Retford Library who should be contacted for more details.

For much more local history details, visit Bassetlaw Museum.

For an overview of Retford’s history have a look at Wikipedia here...


Our Nottinghamshire Local History website (Nottinghamshire County Council) is the place to upload your own recollections, articles, photos - in fact anything that you feel could be of interest to others. Material doesn’t need to be ‘polished’ or complete since the site is designed as a place for everyone to contribute, discuss or extend.
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