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Volunteering opportunities (Press release  October, 2021):

Sloswicke’s Almshouse Charity

Established in the 1600s Sloswicke’s Almshouse Charity is one of Retford’s oldest charities yet remains as active as it has ever done.

The Charity purchased the old Joiner’s Shop in 2017 and has since obtained planning consent for 5 new properties to be constructed in a style to complement the existing cottages.

Anyone interested in joining the community of residents living in Sloswicke’s Properties should contact the Clerk, Gareth Day care of Jones & Co Solicitors on 01777 703 827.

If you are interested in volunteering to help Sloswicke’s Almshouse Charity a replacement Trustee is required for one who is retiring after many years service. Other than the general duties of a Trustee the retiring Trustee has, with another Trustee, particularly worked on assessing applicants against the Charity’s criteria and matching them to suitable properties.

For more information apply to The Clerk at Jones & Co.

Sloswicke's Hospital located on Retford’s Churchgate, opposite St.Swithun’s Church, was founded in 1657, rebuilt in 1806 (at a cost of £525) and altered in 1819 by the addition of two more tenements. It is finished in the mezzo-gothic style of architecture.

In the mid-20th century work in the front gardens encountered old foundations, so it is probable that the buildings of 1806 were set back further from the road compared with that of 1657. Originally it was designed to house 6 elderly men.








[Above right] Over the entrance which fronts the west side of the building, is the inscription. Mease de Dieu, ex dono, Richardi Sloswicke Generosi, Rebuilt 1806. Beaumont Marshall, George Thornton, Gent Bailiffs. [Photos: ©2012 G.A.Herdman]

Picture the Past website* also has several images of Sloswicke’s Hospital.

*To use Picture the Past’s website, click on the Search for Images tab. Simply entering ‘Sloswicke’ in the first Enter words to search for in the box below links to several older images of the hospital.

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