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Broadband coverage in East Bassetlaw is notoriously slow but all is not lost if you are a business either using the internet or one wanting to find out how to maximise your online presence.

Main routes, such as the A620 through Clarborough and Welham have seen upheavals over the past 12 months as BT and others have striven to lay optical-fibre technology underground and then roll-out improved internet services.

This, however, is only the start. Nottinghamshire County County along with various district Councils such as our own Bassetlaw D.C. have plans in place to enhance broadband access across the area with a particular focus on business users.

It has to be said that so far, our local experience has been less than overwhelming. Enquiries during Parish Council/IT Group plans to upgrade internet connections to our village hall (spring 2013) uncovered the fact that our area was excluded from the local upgrade plans! Too close to the recent BT optical fibre line along the A620?

The following is left on our site for reference purposes:

For (6th February, 2013) overview of Nottinghamshire County Council’s plans, including seminars for business users, have a look at this document. To quote the document’s first paragraph:
Rural businesses looking to get to grips with the benefits of superfast broadband will be able to find out more through a series of hands-on, countywide workshops and activities. The workshops aim to equip businesses with a clear understanding of the opportunities super fast broadband offers, like e-commerce and digital trading, when new cabling and infrastructure is in place in just two years’ time.’

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