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Our website’s home page has a wide selection of valuable resources if you want to explore or find out about the current corvonavirus-19 emergency. Here we add a few more local hints-and-tips that you may well find helpful or even life-saving!

For an outline of the Covid-19 effect on the human body and the body’s responses, see the Winter 2020 issue of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter (page 19).

1. Wash your hands after moving your waste bins. A recent chat with one of our bin men informed us that they typically handle some 2000 bins during a collection. Some of those may well have moved out for collection by someone unknowingly already infected, so the bin would have been contaminated and that could have been transferred to other bins - including yours - during the collections. Wash your hands!

2. A host of scams are starting to surface whereby scammers try to get you to pass on personal information such as card details, passwords, etc. See our Action Fraud page here for more on this topic. Latest version (30th March) of this says it comes from British Gas - pay-up or get cut off!

For Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Healthwatch’s Information needs of vulnerable people during the Covid-19 pandemic click on the cover of this 20-page document on the left.

Healthwatch’s report (28th May, 2020) finds that Coronavirus information is not always reaching the people who need it most. The report (right) found that one in 5 people across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire were not correctly aware of which Coronavirus (Covid-19) risk group they were in.

Stay-at-home activities for all the family! Fun for all the family here...

Keeping Fit page has links to some gym-like routines for you to do at home.

Security warnings...

27th March 2020: A white Transit-style van (reg. WV06 VDN) has been reportedly targeting elderly and vulnerable households with an offer to disinfect their gardens for £60. This has been reported to Police (Crime Ref. No. 158) so if you see them, please also report on 101.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s scam alert (1st April) here...

Looking for something to keep you busy? Why not make a start on your family history?
Good advice for getting started with your family tree is the universally recommended ‘talk to the living’. Compiling a family tree means working back from yourself in a methodical way. Your current best sources are your living relatives. Getting them to share their memories offers an excellent ‘keeping the mind active’ during these troubled times - just get on the phone or email them! Click here for the first of our worksheets about starting this research.
Take a look at our Genealogy Links page to continue your searches. [Added 6th April]

A request for polypropylene sheets for use by Retford Oaks Academy in making visors for the NHS. If anyone has any information about how they may help, please contact Retford Oaks Academy directly on:
(01777) 861 618 or [Added 7th April]