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Cancer awareness

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Worksop’s Aurora Centre: Did you know that in Bassetlaw we have more people diagnosed with cancer than the England average? People in Bassetlaw are less likely to attend for screening, more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at a late stage and, as a consequence, are more likely to die from cancer. If you’d like to know more about how the Auroroa Centre can help you and those around you avoid, diagnose or manage cancer, click on the poster for more.
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Cancer continues to focus the minds of the health community and Government alike. New strategies and established procedures combine to focus minds but equally (some might say ‘even more’) important is personal awareness; of symptoms, risks and general ‘life-style’ issues that can either increase or decrease the risk of developing cancer.

The Aurora Centre also organises frequent events to support fund raising and other aspects of support. For forthcoming events, click here...

This page also provides links to some resources, events or activities that can contribute to raising awareness across this whole topic.



Doncaster Rovers show their support this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, encouraging local women to ‘join the fight and take up your invite’.

October 2016, The Rovers are asking their male supporters to look after the women in their lives and make sure their mums, wives, partners, sisters, aunties, daughters and friends take up their invite and attend their three yearly screening appointments.

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Bassetlaw breast screening - for a larger image, click on this one on the right >>>>

Cancer - know the warning signs. Simple posters (male & female) of symptoms requiring an urgent trip to your GP.