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RCAN Bulk Oil Scheme

Find out more about local ‘fuel poverty’ statistics here.

In this section we provide some links for households seeking to manage their energy budgets or improve their environment.

Energy advice from Citizens Advice Bassetlaw here...
Gas, Electricity, Water utilities emergency contacts here...

In a period of almost unprecedented increases in domestic energy prices together with real concerns about future supplies and environmental issues, it is really important that we are well informed about options.

What this section is not is a price comparison site - there are a wide range of these that are well advertised elsewhere. What we would advise everyone to do is ‘shop around’ - switch your supplier(s) when you find a better deal, it keeps your bills as low as they can be and keeps them on their toes - switching is very easy!

It is also important to remember that sensible household measures should be addressed - is your loft insulated to current recommended levels, has your central heating system been serviced regularly and programmed sensibly, is your hot water tank insulated to a good level - and its thermostat set to a sensible (say 60ºC) temperature. All of these fairly simple measures can save energy - and money!

If you need, or think you need, advice and/or help regarding your energy use and bills, do contact Bassetlaw Action Centre (Canal Street, Retford) who may be well placed to help you. Click here


The following links to four current money saving options are available to people in various groups:

The Warm Home Discount Scheme (click on that link for full details from the Department of Energy & Climate Change) available to Pension Credit recipients and some other vulnerable groups. A simplified explanation as it applied to winter 2011/12 can be viewed here. The scheme runs through to winter 2016/2017.

RCAN (Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire) for much more, go to their website at
RCAN offers Free Energy Saving Advice to help you to take action and save money!

Receive impartial advice and support on suitable tariffs and the cheapest way to pay bills.
Learn how to take control of your tariff and supplier and get the best deal to suit you and your needs.
Hear about schemes offered by the Government and energy suppliers that could help with your energy costs.
Why not ask RCAN to come and visit your community group or event, so that everyone can save and make savings? There is no charge for this service, and it doesn’t take long to find out how to make changes to keep more money in your own pocket!

RCAN have put in place a bulk-purchase strategy for domestic heating oil. If you are one of the many ‘stung’ by rocketing oil prices, have a look at Your Energy RCAN Bulk Oil for more background and application details.

Contact RCAN on (01623) 727 600 or Paul Peacock on to find out more.

Currently one of the best medium/long term investments is a roof-mounted solar electricity generating system (Photovoltaic or PV system). Such systems are currently being heavily advertised with often enticing suggestions that they may be installed ‘free’. For a full overview of PV-system potential (no pun intended!), the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) together with explanations of both owner-installed and rent-a-roof schemes, click here.
Also, have a look at the Government’s own explanations at

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a government sponsored scheme to reward installers of hot water generating systems came online in 2012. For a full overview, go to