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Our website hopes to provide easy access to whichever material you require. To this end we have divided material into major categories that appear as a main menu down the left-hand side of the screen. Many of these major sections are linked to further pages that deal with particular sub-divisions; these pages pop out to the right of the main menu when you hover your pointer over the main menu. As an alternative these sub-pages also have (blue) links from the top of each sections main page - ideal for tablet or touch-screen users!

To access any page from the menus, left-click once on that menu item. Accessing a page in this way opens it as the only tab in your browser.
When you want to visit another page, close your second (or more) tabs if you have opened these before choosing another page from the main menu - your previous page is closed and the new one opened in your browser’s only tab.

To reduce the need to return to the main menu when navigating, we often provide internal links. These appear as blue underlined words such as Read more... Following such a link opens that page in a new tab of your browser. To return to the previous page, simple close that tab.

We have also provided these sub-page links at the head of the main section pages for the benefit of tablet users for whom the sub-menus may not function as described above. Do let us know if these various facilities do not work as intended on your device.

External links are also provided which take you to pages of websites provided by other organisations. Clarborough & Welham IT Group has taken every care to ensure that these links are appropriate and bona fide but it is for the user to decide whether to following the provided links and also to take appropriate precautions regarding protection from viruses and other online threats. All of the links provided on this site have been checked by website designers before posting here.
External links behave in the same way as internal links mentioned above - a new tab opens for each link.

Our website has been designed with security constantly in mind and for this reason we have only provided https:// (hypertext transfer protocol secure) which uses encryption for secure communication over computer networks. See wikipedia’s article about this protocol here...

A consequence of this is that (sometimes) you may get an error page following a click on one of our links that points to a site that only uses the standard http:// protocol (note the lack of s following p). This will warn you of the lower security but offer you an option to continue to the site destination rather than the preferred ‘Go back’ option - do so at your own risk!

Many of the items listed on particular pages are provided in the form of pdf (short for portable document format) files, shown as which can be opened by left-clicking once on the icon. Again, these files open in a new browser tab.

If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the free piece of software required to open pdf files, then click on the link at the foot of our Home page to download this essential piece of software.