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Latest news! (23rd September, 2021) Primary responsibility for planning and building issues in our area reside with Bassetlaw District Council although our own Neighbourhood Plan has significant influence on Bassetlaw’s procedures.

To read RTCNPG’s latest press release, click on their logo...

Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Planning Group (RTCNPG) starting its communications plan to engage with members of the public.
RTCNPG will be at some of the Retford markets over the next two months ensuring that at least one Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is included. RTCNPG will also be at the Retford Christmas Market on 21st November 2021.

There will also be discussions with local community groups about the best way to engage with their members and a research  programme will follow to assess the effectiveness of the communications.

A RTCNPG website will be developed in the coming months where information can be presented, and until this is in place, Retford Business Forum will be including a page on their website

This may take a couple of weeks to put in place, however it was felt important to start the face-to-face communications as soon as possible.

For further information please contact
or 01427 891 376

Central Retford Neighbourhood Plan 2021 - could/should you get
involved?

Bassetlaw’s Draft Local Plan has now (January 2019) been published and a range of public consultations are scheduled for January-March, 2021. To read much more click here...

The draft plan consultation now has a closing date for responses on 10th March 2019.

There was a consultation event in Clarborough Village Hall on Wednesday 27th February 2019 which is open to all. To summarise:

The draft plan is available in Libraries or electronically at

The Plan includes targets for growth in the number of houses and for businesses. We are part of Rural Bassetlaw.

The target for new houses by 2035 in Bassetlaw is 6630. 1777 of these are planned for Rural Bassetlaw.

There is a requirement for parishes to accommodate a minimum of 10% new houses on a baseline of their present housing stock. Our proposed target is 50 houses. We have 38 allocated in the Broad Gores development.

There is also an upper limit (target) of no more than 20% new houses.

The Parish Council will discuss how to reply to the consultation. Bassetlaw welcomes comment from all residents and businesses.

For the full range of Bassetlaw’s Planning Services, click here...

For a map of Bassetlaw District Council’s Development Boundary map for Clarborough & Hayton click here...

Action with Rural Communities in England (ACRE) Rural Evidence Project (December 2013) some snapshots of our community here... (a BIG file!)

Follow the development of Clarborough & Welham’s Neighbourhood Plan here...