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This page contains a number of downloadable files that are currently or have recently been used in some of our classes. They will give you a 'feel' for how we approach the learning experience.

All material is provided for personal use and may not be distributed in any form, electronic or hardcopy without prior permission of the  copyright owner.

Gimp Handbook - Getting started

OpenOffice Handbook: Writer Words & Pictures

Files and Filing Systems

Files on Flash Drives

Playing with Windows 10 desktop

Know your computer - basics 

Menus - an introduction

Navigating the Windows 10 Filing System

Creating desktop shortcuts

 Family History Research - birth, marriage & death certificates

Reading and writing Microsoft Office files with LibreOffice or OpenOffice

Getting started with my iPad

Gimp: Cropping

Windows 10 Security issues

Emails: To, Cc and Bcc

Google Translate - give it a try!

Special Characters in Writer


All of these files are provided in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (pdf). If you haven't got Reader installed on your computer, go to our Home page and click on the Adobe Reader icon at the bottom of that page. Adobe Reader is completely free and is the international standard for reading PDF files