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Law : Facts
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This page host a number of pieces explaining/clarifying the law as it applies to particular situations or activities. All articles in this section originate from Police or other ‘official’ sources.

Abandoned vehicle - whose responsibility to remove them? (02 October 2013)

Charity Collections (House to House Collections Regulations 1947 & House to House Collections Act 1939), Pedlar’s Act 1871 (Anyone coming to your door wishing to sell items for their own gain must apply for a pedlar’s certificate).

Neighbourhood Alert (15 Feb 2012) from Nottinghamshiore Trading Standards explaining your rights regarding contract cancelation, particularly where a ‘rogue trader’ may have duped you.

Nuisance telephone calls - how to handle them and report them. (26 Jun 2012).

Scrap Metal (Neighbourhood Alert issued 9th Nov 2011) The demand for scrap metal is still rising and coincides with the increased number of reports of lead and copper thefts on the Division. The trend exists for vehicles, mainly transits and open back goods vehicles, to cruise the streets looking for opportunities to acquire metals from skips and surrounding areas. These opportunities will be taken often  without seeking permission of the person in lawful control of the  property. To legitimately carry out this type of activity a waste carriers licence is also required. See above (No more cash for scrap) for latest change to the law affecting cash metal trade.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the police on 101 or anonymously on the CrimeStoppers number of 0800 555 111.