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Policy Documents

Our IT Group has a number of policy documents that enshrine our beliefs and values as well as addressing legal requirements. Copies of these policy documents are available for inspection via the following links:

IT Group Class Memberís Agreement draft.

Data Protection Policy is in line with UKís Data Protection Act 2018.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Smoking Policy

Health & Safety Policy

We take health & safety issues seriously. Our Group benefits from full public liability cover care of our Village Hall's policy and our Group's policy provides Employer liability cover for 'staff' (who, even though volunteers, are generally considered 'employees' under current legislation). Our 'cover note' for this insurance is posted on the notice board inside Clarborough Village Hall adjacent to the entrance.

Equipment is checked very regularly for electrical safety and an appropriate PAT (Portable Appliance Test) regime is in place for all  electrical equipment. All electrical equipment is protected by an RCD (residual current detector) which shuts everything down should a fault be detected.

We also provide hand-sterilising dispensers and sterilising wipes (for keyboards) which we encourage all members to use to minimise transfer of 'bugs' via keyboards, etc. This remains the responsibility of individual users.

Clarborough & Welham IT Group Insurance

Clarborough & Welham IT Group has both Public Liability Insurance and also Employer's Liability Insurance. Certificates for these policies are displayed on the noticeboard just inside and to the right of Clarborough Village Hall's main entrance.

Clarborough & District Community Association (CDCA), managers of the Village Hall, also insure for all 'general' public liability issues throughout the building such as furniture and fittings but our IT Group policy extends this cover to all aspects of our activities.