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Home Security Advice

PIR alarms for sheds/outhouses - now available from SPAR (£10).

Advice on dealing with unexpected callers (July 2013).

If you are going away or out visiting family and friends donít leave keys in your doors or lying around but you should be able to find them quickly in an emergency. Never leave your keys displayed on a hook, window sill or work top, especially near an outside door or under a doormat - many breaking-and-entering crimes are aimed at stealing car keys!

When you go out at night or if you are going away, leave a light on with your curtains drawn. You could also leave the TV or radio on to look as if you are at home. You could use timer switches to turn your lights on at times when youíre normally at home or when it gets dark.

Think before you throw: Dispose of packaging carefully. Empty boxes left outside can advertise that you have new and desirable goods at home.

If you are going to be away - even just overnight - ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property and also make sure that post is not left sticking out of your letter box. If you are going away for an extended period, Royal Mailís Keepsafe service will hold your incoming mail until you return so avoiding that tell-tale heap of mail in and around your letterbox.

Door chains for uPVC doors? Not advised - but there is an alternative. Read Nottinghamshire Policeís advice:

Advice on protecting valuables such as works-of-art or antiques.