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Law and order issues remain high on Government agendas so we provide here some links that provide a window onto this wider, national, scene. Hopefully you will find the material accessible through this section useful when trying to understand the necessarily much abbreviated summaries provided by the media.

The Home Office publishes a weekly update which you can access here...

The Home Office part of Central Government continues to amend and extend a range of policies and instruments affecting its approach to Law & Order and Immigration areas. Click here to explore a few of The Home Office’s most recent initiatives...

The Disclosure and Barring Service, formed from the merger of the Criminal Records Bureau and the Independent Safeguarding Authority, was launched in late 2012. Read more

Note: the following Visas & Immigration information was received on 8th December, 2017:

Dear Partner,
Legislation was laid in Parliament yesterday, (7 December 2017), which sets out a number of  changes to the immigration rules. These will come into effect from 28 December 2017, with the majority of the changes taking effect on 11 January 2018.

Digital permissions
We continue to improve and modernise the UK’s border and immigration system, which will now include moves toward further digitisation.

These changes are required to facilitate the move toward introducing immigration permissions issued in electronic rather than paper form.

This will also allow trials to be undertaken that will test the operation of any new system.

Transiting the UK
Changes are also being made which will allow standard and  marriage/civil partnership visitors to transit to the UK using the same visa.
This means that visit visa customers will not have to apply for a separate transit visa. The amendments will make it easier for customers and also help to reduce costs.

Skilled work visas
We are making changes to the immigration rules to enhance the UK’s offer for internationally recognised overseas leaders in science,  research, digital technology and the arts. This will allow those under  the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) route to apply for settlement after  three years. We are also doubling the number of Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) places to 2,000 visas per year

In addition, we are also making changes to the Tier 2 skilled  worker route. This will allow for faster switching for Tier 4 students below PhD level. By relaxing the labour market test under Tier 2, it will also make it easier to employ international researchers and members of established research teams.

All other immigration rules changes are minor and technical in nature. For details, visit

For questions or enquiries on the rules changes, Premium Sponsors should contact their licence manager.

Home Office Communications

We are in regular contact with the Home Office and post key past communications that we received below:

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