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Anyone writing an article for publication would be well advised to consider the ‘five Ws’:


Keeping an eye on these five key aspects of any ‘story’ can be a very useful in maintaining balance and also ensuring that your readers get a clear idea of your message. It is also useful to include personal quotes from interested individuals or commentators - these tend to ‘liven up’ the text. As with all written material, supporting photographs add interest and are ‘worth a thousand words’.

Our Newsletter contains a mix of articles from the journalistic (reporting of the ‘facts’) through to artistic ‘story-telling’. A good place to start for those contributors looking to provide journalistic input is the article entitled Journalism in Wikipedia the online encyclopaedia.

A quick look at our Notes for contributors page explains that articles of up to 500 words can usually be accommodated in a single issue although incorporation of images clearly reduces this word-count proportionately. It helps your editor greatly if such articles are submitted, or at least notified, well before the deadline for particular issues. These larger articles are ones that are usually placed first in the developing draft Newsletter with later, ‘last minute’, submissions being fitted as space allows.
If you have something requiring more extensive treatment, serialised treatment (usually in consecutive issues) is a distinct possibility. In this case, please contact the editor well in advance to discuss in greater detail.

Special note for advertisers
Advertising rates and sizes are to be found on Notes for contributors page. We do not offer special rates for specific locations (back page, centre pages, etc) and aim to ‘rotate’ adverts from issue to issue so that readers get a varied experience and advertisers a variety of exposures.

Our advertising rates are based on identical entry in 4 consecutive issues. We make no extra charge for changing adverts from issue to issue provided we do not have to do any editing of adverts. If advertisers wish to change adverts between issues and that requires us to edit those adverts, there will be a supplementary charge dependent on the extent of editing required. Please contact the editor well in advance to discuss your requirements. We do accept adverts on an ‘exclusivity’ basis - accepting no others from similar product areas - at a significant premium (this cannot be accomplished where a ‘sitting tenant’ has already booked their space).

Single-issue adverts are accepted, subject to space considerations, at a premium. Please contact Greg to discuss your requirements.

Advertisers should also reflect on the extra exposure their material received from the online publication of our Newsletters - see foot of Notes for Contributors page for some current figures for this ‘exposure’.