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Flood management has been an issue across Clarborough & Welham for many years, most severely and recently but also due to its ‘threat level’ at recent intervals too.

More Flooding warnings and advice PLUS BDC’s discussions with Environment Agency regarding our flood plight here...

Very latest Government flooding warnings here...

Notts County Council’s May 2024 Flooding update here...

Click over these flooding posters for much more
up-to-date information


Bassetlaw D.C. support here...

A range of organisations have commitments to addressing the issues here that include both Nottinghamshire County Council and Bassetlaw District Council as well as Trent Rivers Trust. On a wider scale, the Environment Agency as well as other ‘central’ organisations have interests.

The issue of flooding is an almost constant topic for Clarborough & Welham Parish Council along with local volunteers. Anyone with a water course running through or adjacent to their property is known as a riparian owner - see details of their responsibilities lower down this page.

Do you know how to prepare for a flood?

Over 5 million homes and businesses are at risk of flooding in England. Don't assume it won't happen to you.

So, would you know what to do in a flood? One of the most valuable things  to remember is the different levels of flood warning and alert and what actions you should take under each of these. These are:

  • Flood alert - Prepare
  • Flood warning - Act
  • Severe flood warning - Survive

For much more advice click on poster

For more on Trent Rivers Trust involvement take a look at the following leaflets:

Trent Rivers Trust has been working on a project funded by Nottinghamshire County Council to install Natural Flood Management (NFM) in the upper catchment of Clarborough and Welham.

Trent Rivers Trust is a registered charity which aims to improve watercourses within the Trent catchment for both people and wildlife.

As part of the project, this newsletter has been written to update residents of Clarborough and Welham of the positive actions which have been taken so far.

Click here to read more


For a more general exploration of the whole topic of flood management, click on the poster to the right.

For Nottinghamshire County Council’s guidance if you have a watercourse through or next to your property, click here...


A riparian owner is anyone who owns a property where there is a watercourse within or adjacent to the boundaries of their property and a watercourse includes a river, stream or ditch. A riparian owner is also responsible for watercourses or culverted watercourses passing through their land.

Click here for the Environment Agency’s Routine Maintenance Factsheet for all riparian owners.