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Environment Enforcement Officers have been introduced across Bassetlaw from August, 2020. These have the powers to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) of up to £100 should they witness people littering or failing to clean up after their dog.

Should these FPNs not be paid, the offender could face prosecution and a potential fine of up to
For more, read page 24 of the Autumn 2020 issue of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter here...

Since April 2016. all dogs have had to have a security microchip beneath their skin by UK Law. Read more about this, and what to do if your dog isnít chipped or may have a chip that is out-of-date, in Clarborough & Welham Newsletter summer 2016 issue here...

Bassetlaw District Council (BDC) have recently updated their regulations that dog owners need to be aware of. These, specifically, follow introduction of The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 which received Royal Assent on 13th March, 2014. To explore the full wording of this Act, click here... but be warned, you need stamina since the full document covers all aspects of the Actís title and runs to some 14 Parts, 185 sub-sections and 11 Schedules - enjoy the read!

For an overview of BDCís Dog Control Order 2015 that follows from the above Act, click here...

Bassetlaw District Councilís Order incorporates a set of rules for places that dogs must be kept on leads (Schedule 1) and Dog Exclusion Areas (Schedule 2) which are, as the name implies, places where you are legally barred from taking or allowing a dog to enter.

    Full lists can be viewed by clicking on the following:
    Schedule 1 (dogs on leads)
    Schedule 2 (dog no-go areas)

For our community, the relevant areas are:

For schedule 1 (dogs on leads): St.John the Baptist churchyard.

For schedule 2 (no-go areas):
Childrenís Playground to the rear of the village hall, Main Street, Clarborough.
Childrenís Ball Park, Smeath Lane, Clarborough

For an overview of BDCís stance on dog fouling, click here...

Alert is to advise dog owners of a change in the manner in which dangerous dog reports are managed by the Police (07 September, 2016).