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This Links section provides contact routes to our various political representatives.
These are provided on dedicated sub-pages - select them from the navigation menus at the left or above.

For those of you unfamiliar with the British political map, the sequence of Parish (Clarborough & Welham) District (Bassetlaw) County (Nottinghamshire) Member of Parliament (MP) represents increasing level of political significance on a national scale. A separate section of this website is dedicated to our Parish Council.

See Your Money for some links to information about local authority budget plans.


Links to various voluntary groups active in our community can be found in the Local Groups section.

THE big debate around local issues is that generated by the Localism Bill and National Planning Policy Frameworks. For an overview of some of the issues try starting here.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that citizens of the Irish Republic (Eire) along with those from other E.U. countries are entitled to vote in UK elections. What is less well known is the backgrounds to this situation and the fact that U.K. citizens have reciprocal rights in those countries. The background and facts behind this are explained in the reply received from Mark Carter, Minister for Political & Constitutional Reform (11th June 2011). Click here to read the full reply.