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This page displays the website statistics as recorded by our server organisation for recent months.

As providers of this website it is the visits data that provides the greatest satisfaction, particularly in the Daily Average columns. As you can see from this data, our website is really popular..

Our community website is becoming quite an ‘information hub’ for this part of Bassetlaw (or even more widely!) as our website’s visitors statistics show - particularly in the most recent May 2024 data!

Readers with a critical sense will note the ‘slump’ in visitors that started in July 2023. The reason(s) for this is unclear since website design hadn’t changed for several years but we are pleased to note that visitors’ statistics have been bounding back since September 2023 although they do vary quite substantially - particularly through holiday periods!

One recently uncovered aspect of this may be that we note Wikipedia are now hosting both Clarborough and Clarborough and Welham pages, so maybe people searching for our site are being diverted to Wikipedia. Research continues!

We are particularly interested in (and pleased with) the Pages and Visits columns of this data which indicates how useful our site is.

Hits, for example, simply indicate the number of file-links on visited pages. For instance, if you look at our homepage you will see something like 30+ links so just one visit exploring all of these will generate some 30 hits.

At the time of writing, our website is composed of 259 pages!