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3.53 (27th June, 2024): A number of Home Page items moved to newly labelled More Local News page plus usual updates etc.

3.52 (10th May, 2024): Notts Observatory page added to Notts C.C. section plus several outdated pages deleted plus usual updates etc.
3.51 (1st April, 2024): Better in Bassetlaw page removed from Health, Welfare & Wellbeing section plus usual updates and amendments.
3.50 (February 2024): Add full 47 minute YouTube video of Muslim Charity’s 2023 Rickshaw Challenge to Muslim Charity page plus all the usual updates and additions. Also added page for rehab4addiction within Health & Welfare.
3.42 (17th December, 2023): Expanded Public Sector section to incorporate East Midlands CCA separate page plus deleted Enable page from Education & Training page plus numerous updates and amendments across the whole website.

3.41 (19th June, 2023): Added Rotary Club of Retford and Retford Civic Society pages to Local Groups plus numerous other updates and amendments.
3.40 (23rd May, 2023): Added Lincs Notts Air Ambulance page to Health & Welfare section plus broad updates and amendments across the site.
3.33 (21st September, 2022): Redesignate BDC Sheffield region page to Notts C.C. announcement of East Midlands Region Devolution and move page to Notts C.C. Councillor section. Also updates and other amendments.
3.32 (2nd June, 2022): Help Ukraine page added to Local News section plus usual updates etc.
3.31 (3rd April, 2022): Local Waterways sub-page added to Chesterfield Canal in Local Environment section plus usual updates, etc.
3.30 (19th March, 2022):
Love Bassetlaw page removed from Out-and-About plus usual updates, etc.
3.29 (1st February, 2022): Central Retford NP page added to Out-and-About section plus (temporary) Love Bassetlaw page added to Out-and-About plus all of the usual updates, etc.
3.28 (20th December, 2021): Local History > Family History Group page retitled Family History Groups with N & S.Wheatley Society link incorporated plus usual updates, etc.
3.27 (15th November, 2021): D2N2 page added to Local Business section plus usual updates, etc.
3.26 (27th September, 2021): The Grove page added to Local Faiths section plus usual updates, etc.
3.25 (31st August, 2021): North Notts College page added within Education & Training and Worksop Priory & Gastehouse page added to Local History section plus usual updates, etc.
3.24: (17th July, 2021): Universal Credit page added to Your Money plus usual updates, etc.
3.23 (19th May, 2021): Amazon Smile page added to Village Hall section plus usual updates, etc.
3.22 (22nd April, 2021): Muddy Fork page added to Local Environment section plus usual updates.
3.21 (17th April, 2021): Food Bank page moved from Health & Welfare to Voluntary Sector links plus usual updates.
3.2 (25th March, 2021)
: BBO page added to Employment page plus usual daily updates.
3.1 (23rd February, 2021):
Enable page added to Education & Training plus usual updates, etc.
2.99 (30th January, 2021):
Group Overview page added to IT Group section plus usual updates, etc.
2.98 (12th January, 2021):
Addition of Cycling page within Out-and-About section plus usual updates, etc.
2.97 (12th December, 2020)
: Slight restructuring of page locations - hence menu positions; most importantly raising of Village Hall to main menu instead of within Local Groups. Also adding pages to IT Group section reflecting closing of BTCK site in May, 2021.
2.96 (2nd December, 2020): Vulcan to the Sky Trust page added to Local History section and Way2Work page created within Employment (renamed Job Opportunities) page plus usual updates.
2.95 (4th November, 2020): Newsletters page created for Bassetlaw Action Centre and Your Health You Way page created within Health & Welfare plus usual updates, etc.
2.94 (18th October, 2020): Moved much of Home Page’s long-standing Covid-19 material to new Local Covid-19 page plus usual updates, etc.
2.93 (4th September, 2020): Addition of Retford Ramblers page in Out-and-About plus continuing updates reflecting Covid-19 issues.
2.92 (10th May, 2020): ICT Champions page removed plus usual updates, etc.
2.91 (28th April, 2020): Continuing updates - mainly to homepage - regarding the ongoing Covid-19 emergency. Homepage link to Pilgrims Gallery and Pilgrim Roots also added.
2.90 (22nd March, 2020): Multiple updates to pages regarding coronavirus emergency plus new page for Plastic Free Retford in Local Environment section. Action Fraud page also updated.
2.83 (3rd January, 2020):
Local Screening page added to Health & Welfare section plus usual updates.
2.82 (21st November, 2019):
Health & Welfare Support Networks updated plus usual updates, etc.
2.81 (11th October, 2019): Kings Arms page removed from Out-and-About section together with usual updates, etc.
2.80 (28th September, 2019):
Pilgrims Gallery added to Bassetlaw Museum page together plus customary updates, etc.
2.71 (9th August, 2019): Page added to BCH for 2019 Pilgrims Festival plus other updates, etc.
2.70 (11th July, 2019): VE75 Events page created, Kings Arms page reinstated. Pilgrim Trails page created and populated plus usual updates, etc.
2.65 (9th June, 2019): ‘Parking’ of Kings Arms page until ownership issues are resolved plus usual updates.
2.64 (2nd April, 2019): Local Contacts page added to Finding Us page plus usual updates.
2.63 (11th March, 2019:
RBF page added to Local Business page plus usual updates.
2.62 (1st March, 2019)
New pages added for Aurora Centre and also Religious Tolerance plus usual updates, etc.
2.61 (26th January, 2019)
Image editing sub-page added to IT Group page plus usual updates.
2.60 (13th January, 2019): Allotment Association page added to Local Groups plus usual updates
2.59 (6th October, 2018): WorkingWin page added to Health & Welfare section and Job Opportunities page added to Bassetlaw Action Centre plus usual updates
2.58 (4th August 2018): Clarborough Gardening Club page removed plus usual updates, etc.
2.57 (3rd May, 2018): Bassetlaw Action Centre Job Opportunities page added plus usual updates, etc.
2.56 (30 July 2017) Retford Leisure Centre page added to Out-and-About section plus 2017 Panto and 2018 Panto pages added to Village Ventures section plus usual updates, etc.
2.55 (03 January, 2017) Tidy-up after Christmas plus a range of updates, etc.
2.54 (09 November, 2016) Retford Theatres page added to Out-and-About plus usual updates, etc.
2.53 (04 October, 2016) Christmas events page added plus usual updates, etc.
2.52 (24th April, 2016) Significant restructing of page layouts to reduce size of main menu + usual updates, etc.
2.51 (17th February, 2016) Addition of Retford History/Great Reform Act page to Local History section + usual updates.
2.50 (6th February 2016) Addition of Newsletter advertisers sub-page.
2.46 (24th January 2016) Local Faith Links page added plus Christian Heritage page added to Local History plus numerous updates.
2.45 (2nd January 2016) Bassetlaw Hospice and BCCG pages added to Health & Welfare section together with usual updates.
(18th October 2015) Local Contacts page redefined as Index page plus usual updates.
(5th August 2015): Shopping page added to Out-and-About and Fairtrade added to For Local Business plus usual updates.
(21st July 2015): Home Office sub-page added to Law & Order > National Policies page plus usual updates and amendments.
(1st July 2015): Parish Council’s Transparency and CDCA’s Lettings Policies pages added, restructured Bassetlaw Museum/FoBM pages plus usual updates and amendments.
(26th April 2015) Election issues page added plus numerous updates and amendments.
(11th April 2015) Restructured Voluntary Sector pages, addition of ConnectRight page to Utilities plus usual updates.
(12th February 2015) Individual Secondary Academy pages deleted plus usual updates.
(4th February 2015) Local Projects page (Local History section) replaced by NHLA page plus usual updates.
(25th January 2015) Addition of Visitors and Chesterfield Canal pages plus numerous updates and cross links.
2.24 (3rd January, 2015)
Removal of Veolia Trust and addition of BCVS sub-page to Voluntary Sector Links page plus usual updates
(3rd December 2014) Food Bank page added to Health & Welfare plus usual updates.
2.22 (
15th November 2014) Voluntary Sector pages reconfigured, Dog Law page added to Local Environment - plus usual updates.
(16th October 2014) New page for Bassetlaw D.C. Digital-by-Default initiative plus usual updates.
(18th September 2014) Dedicated Bassetlaw Action Centre page added, Health & Welfare repositioned plus usual updates and amendments.
(1st August 2014): Local Courses moved to Education & Training and Christmas Events added to Out-and-About plus numerous updates and amendments.
(25th July 2014: Trading Standards page added to Your Money plus numerous updates.
(16th July 2014) W.I. Centenary Baton Relay page added plus usual updates, etc.
(9th July, 2014): FoBM page added plus numerous updates.
(1st June, 2014): Local Environment moves next to Out & About plus Retford War Weekend on Second World War page added to Local History plus numerous updates.
(22nd May, 2014): Planning page added to Local Environment, 2014 Festival and BBC Homeswap added and numerous updates.
(19th April, 2014): European Parliament page added and various updates.
(9th April, 2014): Holocaust Centre page added to Out & About plus Weather Report on home page and numerous updates.
(30th March 2014): Facebook Neighbourhood Plan links added plus numerous updates.
(9th February, 2014): Reworked sub-menus to be accessible to iPad plus NAVO Jobs Newsletter page added etc.
(7th February 2014): Substantial restructuring around Local Environment and European Election page plus numerous updates/amendements.
1.71 (4th January 2014
): Great War Centenary page added plus numerous updates.
(7th Dec 2013) Restructuring plus numerous updates.
(30th October, 2013): News Comments page added and numerous updates applied.
(24th October, 2013): Elizabethan Academy page added plus numerous updates.
(26th September 2013): Totally Locally page added to Business section plus numerous updates.
(25th August 2013): Dedicated Retford Library page added to Out-and-About plus numerous updates. BOFF pages ‘sidelined’
(2nd August 2013): Local Contacts sub-page added to Contact us with most contact details for local organisations, etc.
(29th July 2013): Dedicated North Notts College page linked to Local Courses page plus numerous minor additions & updates.
(21st July 2013): HOPE page added plus wide range of amendments and updates.
(6th July 2013): Car boot page ‘dropped’ plus wide range of amendments and updates.
(3rd June 2013): Festival pages raised to top level, Idle Valley Nature Reserve page added to Out and About plus numerous updates.
(27th May, 2013): Site navigation sub-page added plus numerous updates, etc.
(18th Mar 2013): Bassetlaw Community Outreach page added + numerous updates, etc.
(5th Mar 2013): Business Links page added and many updates.
(10th February 2013): Car Boot page added plus several updates.
1.56 (6th February, 2013) Added Pre-School Links, revised Gardening Club and IT for Business pages and regular updates.
1.55 (1st February, 2013)
Added Post Office and Notts Women’s Aid pages and numerous updates.
(21st December, 2012) Added Security page to Your Money, new Police & Crime Commissioner page and some reorganisation of the Law & Order pages plus removal Christmas Fayre pages and general updates/amendments.
(13th November 2012) Updated Clarbrough & Welham IT Group page moved into Local Group pages plus many minor amendments.
(8th November 2012) Updated Clarborough Festival pages plus many minor amendments.
(24th October 2012) Kings Arms page added to Out and About plus usual updates.
(18th October 2012) Pantomime page added to Village Ventures plus Kings Arms Facebook link added to Out and About.
(1st Sep 2012) Your Energy now subsumed in Utilities plus Queen’s Jubilee subsumed in Local History section plus numerous general updates and BVCSEF sub-page added to Volunteering page.

(13th Aug 2012) New Dementia page added plus general updates.
(7th Aug 2012) Sloswick Trust and Your Money > Getting help and dedicated W.I. pages added plus general updates.
1.46 (31st July 2012) Home Security page added to Law & Order plus several updates.
1.45 (30th July 2012) IT Champions page added to ICT Site, On the Road pages reconfigured plus various updates.
1.44 (28th July 2012) Advice & Support sub-page added to Your Money plus expanded On the Road and Lammas Festival sub-page to Clarborough Village Ventures plus general updates.
1.43 (20th July 2012) WRAG and Clarborough Gardening Club pages added plus general updates.
1.42 (16th July 2012) Your Money page added plus general updates.

1.41 (7th June 2012) Renamed and expanded IT Site and Volunteering sections.
(5th June 2012) Clarborough Festival Gallery and Jubilee Gallery sub-pages added plus general updates.
1.39 (31st May 2012) Utilities contact details and Genealogy Links sections added.
1.38 (18th May 2012) Leisure and reconfigured Local Groups section/pages plus slight reordering of pages and general updating.
(3rd May 2012) Website design page added plus many updates/amendments.
(26 Apr 2012) Big Lottery page added plus many updates/amendments.

1.35 (13 Apr 2012) On this Day page added to Out and About plus a range of updates/amendments.
1.34 (
16 Feb 2012) Expanded Local History plus Jubilee sections plus many minor updates/amendments.
(3 Feb 2012) Reconfigured (and expanded) Local Schools section now includes Secondary phase.Also various updates/amendments
(26 Jan 2012) Clarborough Village Ventures section added plus many minor amendments and updates.
1.31 (19 Jan 2012) Motoring and Health & Welfare sections expanded plus many minor updates/amendments.
1.30 (24 Dec 2011) Bassetlaw Commissioning Organisation page added plus substantial site tidying.
1.29 (11 Dec 2011) Ringmaster page deleted from Law & Order section and new IT Links section added.
1.28 (6 Dec 2011) Employment and Nottinghamshire County LINk sections added plus minor amendments.
1.27 (30 Nov 2011) RCAN Bulk Oil and Motoring pages added plus numerous small updates.
1.26 (23 Nov 2011) Have your say section added to Law & Order. Minor updates included.
1.25 (14th Nov 2011) Redesigned homepage.
1.24 (10th Nov 2011) Local History > Family/Local History Group page added. Above section renamed Volunteers wanted.
1.23 (6th Nov 2011) Volunteers wanted section added plus minor amendments.
1.22 (20th Oct 2011) Your Energy section added plus minor amendments.
1.21 (5th Oct 2011) Local History > Archives section added plus remodelled Law & Order section (previously called Policing) + minor amendments.
1.20 (2nd Octr, 2011) Action Fraud page added; Moved Out-and-About to main menu + various updates.
1.19 (25th Sep, 2011) Updated images on Home Page + other amendments.
1.18 (23rd Aug 2011) Updated Out-and-About section together with other tweaks.
1.17 (22nd July 2011) A620 Road Closure Notice added to Latest News section.
1.16 (20th July, 2011) WRVS Telephone Befriending Service added.
1.15 (28th Jun 2011) Out-and-About page added.
1.14 (10th Jun 2011) General updates across many pages.
1.13 (19th May 2011) Sports section added to website.
1.12 (16th May 2011) Notts C.C. Street Lighting proposals (Latest News).
1.11 (27th Apr 2011) Pdf Summer 2011 Newsletter added.
1.10 (15th Apr 2011) Message Board page added to Local History
1.09 (13th Apr 2011) Local Courses page added to Latest News.
1.08 (7th Apr 2011) Separate page (Group > Basetlaw Over 50s Forum) added.
1.07 (4th Apr 2011) Parish Council announcement of Annual Public Meeting and AGM.
1.06 (30th Mar 2011) Historic Minutes page for Parish Council Inaugurated and Autumn 1996 Minutes uploaded.
1.05 (28th Mar 2011) Corrected date for Parish Council AGM (editor’s error) + added Projects page to Local History.
1.04 (21st Mar 2011) Updated Latest News with Clarborough & Welham Flooding contribution from Bassetlaw District Council.
1.03 (10th Mar 2011) Added Newsletter sections Notes for contributors and Hints for contributors.
1.02 (8th Mar 2011) Updated Parish Council details, Latest News updated + 1887-93 School Log Books extracts added.
1.02 (8th Mar 2011) Updated Parish Council details, Latest News updated + 1887-93 School Log Books extracts added.
1.01 (3rd Mar 2011) Revised Latest News and Policing > Reports.
1.00 (28th Feb 2011) Parish Council Minutes (Jan 2011) and March 2011 Agenda uploaded.
0.99 (17th Feb 2011) Neighbourhood Watch page added.
0.98 (15th Feb 2011) Preliminary details of March Parish Council Meeting’s public session.
0.97 (7th Feb 2011) Policing section added.
0.96 (4th Feb 2011) Spring 2011 Newsletter added and general tidying up.
0.95 (2nd Feb 2011) Continued Latest News updates re. Future Development Questionnaire.
0.94 (31st Jan 2011) Updated Home page and Latest News with reference to Clarborough/Hayton Future Development Questionnaire.
0.93 (22nd Jan 2011) Updated Latest News.
0.92: (18th Jan 2011) Updated Groups > Groups links to local voluntary group new websites + Minutes of December, 2010 Parish Council Meeting (Parish Council > Parish Council Minutes).
0.91: (11th Jan 2011) January Parish Council Agenda added + notice re. forthcoming General Public Meeting.
0.90 (9th Jan 2011) Link to Village Ventures website added + revised Latest News section.
0.80 (16th Dec 2010) Addition of 1871-887 Clarborough School Log Book extracts to Primary School > School History.
0.77 (14th Dec 2010) Bassetlaw Rural Network update added to Latest News.
0.76 (10th Dec 2010) Addition of November Parish Council Meeting Minutes and Road Safety Committee Meeting Minutes.
0.75 (9th Dec 2010) Christmas Tree Lighting Fayre details removed, correspondence with John Mann MP added to Home page plus addition of Latest News page.
0.74 (8th Dec 2010) Refuse bin collection doc added to Other Documents.
0.73 (7th Dec 2010) Emergency weather docs added to Parish Council > Other Documents
0.72 (4th Dec 2010) Updated re. Christmas Tree Lighting Fayre - continuing in spite of snow.
0.71 (29th Nov 2010) Agenda for December, 2010 Parish Council Meeting added.
0.7 (25th Nov 2010) Basic Groups sub-page to Events page.
0.6 (23rd Nov 2010) Home page splash re. 2010 Christmas Tree Lighting Fayre.
0.5 (19th Nov 2010) Google map and Stagecoach bus link added to Finding us.
0.4 (19th Nov 2010) Addition of Parish Councillors’ contact details.
0.3 (17th Nov 2010) Addition of Community Groups list attached to Events page.
0.2 (16th Nov 2010) Expanded Parish Council section with recent Minutes of Parish Council Meetings, Meeting Dates and Other Documents sections. This version also added Health & Welfare section with links to Retford GP Surgeries and Bassetlaw Neighbourhood Watch.
0.1 (14th November, 2010) linked pages launched in separate windows, revised site map including a dedicated Parish Council section and a new contact e-mail address (Contact us) as well as a few typographical corrections appeared on . Version details section first appeared in this version.
Version 0: This website was launched on 2nd November, 2010.

Note: minor amendments do not receive version number updates.