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Public Rights of Way
Criss-crossing the parishes of Clarborough & Welham, Hayton and Clayworth is an extensive network of Public Rights of Way.
This network is shown on the attached maps with numbers for identification. Each parish has its own unique set of identification numbers.
There are footpaths, bridleways and byways, all having different uses. The designations are shown on the maps and are described as follows:

Only walkers or pedestrians with prams are allowed to use the footpaths.
In some cases eg the landowner, Canal and River Trust, has agreed that cyclists may use the Chesterfield canal towpath.
Cyclist must always give way to pedestrians and announce their presence if approaching from the rear and also dismount when passing pedestrians.

Walkers, cyclists and horses may use these Public Rights of Way.

Byways sometimes designated BOAT [Byway Open to All Traffic]
These may be used by pedestrians, cyclists, horses [and carriages] mechanically propelled vehicles if correctly taxed, insured and the driver has the appropriate licence.

Historically, many Public Rights of Way are used for access to a place of work e.g. farmers’ fields whatever their designation.

Please abide by the Country Code when walking, cycling or driving along the Public Rights of Way. Most of the network crosses private land and users should not stray from the designated line of the footpath, bridleway or byway.

The network is maintained by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Our local Footpaths Warden is Steve Banks who can be contacted :

Two important documents explaining legal responsibilities for management and use of footpaths can be read in the following pair of documents:

Guide to Footpath Law for Parish Councils

Footpaths leaflet

Local footpaths and bridleway maps are provided below.

All of these maps are reproduced here under Crown copyright, Ordnance Survey licence number 100054850, 2020 (Clarborough & Welham) and 100053762 (Hayton).

Clarborough Parish OS Map

Clarborough East OS Map

Clarborough West OS Map

Hayton West OS Map

Hayton East OS Map

Hayton North OS Map

Hayton Middle OS Map


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