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Launched at the 10th annual Farm & Countryside Festival in June 2014, the Friends of Bassetlaw Museum (FoBM) is an independent support group for the museum. More than 80 individuals signed up as Friends of Bassetlaw Museum over that sun-drenched weekend with many more joining over the following months. At the time of writing, membership has continued to increase with more than 100 people from near and far (e.g. USA) now supporting our museum.

Friends of Bassetlaw Museum will be holding their annual Picnic in the garden (18:00-20:30) on Thursday, 17th August, 2023. Contact the museum for details.

Friends of Bassetlaw Museum 2023 AGM is scheduled for Tuesday, 21st November, 2023 - this is a revised date.

The Friends of Bassetlaw Museum held an open evening on 17th May, 2022 to find out much more about The Friends and our museum’s latest collections


Important notices: Have you replied/returned your form giving FoBM permission to hold your contact details? If not, you will cease to receive Newsletters and other communications (GDPR requirements)

Also, have you renewed your subscription? Our museum continues to benefit from FoBM donations and support but this depends, critically, on numbers of members.

'History & Art of making Corn  Dollies' on the Tuesday, 12th September 2017.
Click here for a report on this interesting talk.

Friends of Bassetlaw Museum’s launch flyer released prior to the 2014 Farm & Countryside Festival.

At its launch, a programme of events for members (and the wider public) was promised. The following is the first instalment of this programme...

Friends of Bassetlaw Museum - preliminary meetings for 2014.

If you’d like to become a Friend, download this membership application form today!