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Tour of Britain came back to Nottinghamshire on 6th September, 2023.


Keep an eye on Nottinghamshire County Council’s Newsroom for up-to-date information. Our link to the Newsroom is on our website’s homepage.





Support via Chesterfield Canal Trust offering great services!


Exploration of our links on our Footpaths page will give some idea of the local paths that can be used by cyclist to enjoy our wonderful countryside.

On a somewhat different level, Retford Cycling Campaign (RCC) is seeking to improve the local area’s road network to improve - and increase - its use for and by cyclists. Editor’s note: RCC’s registration with the Charity Commission ended on 16th December, 2021, so what follows is just for historical purposes!

To quote RCC’s CIO, Stuart Thomas:

We need better attractive, connected, safer, direct, cohesive infrastructure that helps people on foot, cycles, and wheels enabling people of all life stages, ages and abilities - to get from A to B.

Retford Cycling Campaign, is a new charity raising issues with decision makers in local business, charities, and government for walkers, cyclists and people of all abilities. Our aims are to promote and lobby for better infrastructure, to support safety, education and encourage people to use sustainable transport, which opens up a new world of independent transport to many people of all ages and abilities.

We consult with the local community on what their needs, and wants are, and balance those with the demands and constraints of what can be delivered through communicating and collaborating with and raising awareness with local, regional and central government, and other local organisations.

You can find more about us on Facebook via, and you can find responses to our surveys at

For a presentation by Stuart outlining RCC’s plans, click here...