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Notes for contributors
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November 2018

Contributions to our Newsletter are more than welcome. These notes will hopefully encourage you to contribute - anything that is of general interest to our readers, be it reminiscences for local historians, hints-and-tips in any topic through to opinions on current community issues are welcome. Decisions whether to publish remain the responsibility of the editor alone. Such decisions usually depend on space limitations - we are a quarterly publication with 24 pages of which some 35% is taken by advertising, revenue from which makes a very significant contribution to our print costs. The printed Newsletter became an A4 full-colour glossy publication from our Winter 2015 issue onwards.

Items for publication should be submitted to the editor in one of the following formats:

    1. OpenOffice or LibreOffice text document (.odt) - this is the format used to produce our Newsletter.
    2. Microsoft Word text document - preferably in ‘legacy’ (.doc) format.
    3. E-mail - either ‘body’ or attachment as 1. or 2. above.
    4. Paper - to Village Hall marked ‘For attention of Newsletter editor’.
    5. Images (very welcome) should be in JPEG format.

As a general rule, articles should be limited to a maximum of approximately 500 words which is roughly one page of our Newsletter. Longer articles may be split over two or more issues after discussion with the editor; we have run a number of such multi-issue articles in the past and are happy to continue this as appropriate.

See the linked page Hint for contributors for some ideas about written style.

Deadlines vary slightly depending on our printer’s schedules, public holidays, etc., but are currently:

  • Winter 2018 Issue: Monday 8th October, 2018* for distribution in early November.
  • Spring 2019 Issue: Monday 14th January, 2019 for distribution in early February.
  • Summer 2019 Issue: Monday 8th April, 2019 for distribution in late April/early May.
  • Autumn 2019 Issue: Monday 8th July 2019 for distribution in late August.

*This is a slightly revised date

These dates may be subject to change in the light of circumstances.

Note for advertisers: Advertising rates are based on a full annual run of four consecutive issues.

Adverts should be submitted in formats consistent with points 1 - 5 above and preferably at least a working week before the above deadlines. Adverts can be designed/customized by the editorial team for an extra charge, please get in touch well before deadlines to discuss this option.
Adverts are ‘cycled’ through successive issues over a 12 month period so that each advertiser has exposure near the front, middle and back pages of successive issues. This aims to give advertisers varied exposure since we do not charge variously for these differing locations - everyone gets a fair share.

Advert sizes (all sizes WxH / mm) and annual rates (4 consecutive issues) from 1st January, 2018:

      Full page                180 x 240        £125.00
      Half page                180x120
                                       or 87x240         £75.00
      Quarter page         87x120
                                       or 180x60         £45.00
      Business card        87x60                £25.00

Please contact our Advertising manager, Val, (01777 708 181) or Greg to discuss your requirements. Also, remember that your material benefits from the extra exposure provided by our online publication of Newsletters on this site.