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Parliament is the sovereign body of United Kingdom politics. It sits at Westminster in London and has ultimate control over all aspects of ‘the state’.

However, significant aspects of this role are delegated to separate Scottish Parliament (sitting in Edinburgh) and Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies (sitting in Cardiff and Belfast respectively). These latter two bodies have lesser powers than their Scottish counterpart.

John Mann was re-elected MP (Member of Parliament) for Bassetlaw in the
May, 2017 General Election.
John belongs to the Labour Party.

E-mail received from John Mann on 31st October, 2015:

Where is the logic of forcing the poorest of our society into debt in  order to help pay off the national debt because this will be the long  term effect of the cuts that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is planning to make to the tax credits allowance.

There are 8,200 families receiving tax credits in Bassetlaw, of which  6,300 families are in work and receive tax credits to help make up for  the short fall in their incomes. These are not shirkers€¯, or skivers€¯, they are low paid workers doing vital jobs like cooking, cleaning and  caring.

There are 13,600 children in households in Bassetlaw whose parents receive tax credits, and they shouldn’t be forced to go without because the Chancellor wants to find an extra £12 billion in savings.

Please can you sign this petition so that I can inform Mr Osborne of the views of Bassetlaw people.

If you know other people who may want to sign please forward this email and ask them to click on the following link:

best wishes

John Mann

After a long campaign, John is pleased to announce that Retford Ambulance Station is to remain! Read more here...

Editor’s note: Also have a look at East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) website for their consultation on this very topic. Click here to visit EMAS’s website.

The Boundary Commission for England is the independent public body that reviews all Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England. They conducting the 2013 Review and would like your views on their initial proposals.

To learn more of the background and current proposals, go to