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It is worth noting that 5 MEPs (East Midlands) represent our area, 2 are Conservative,
2 are Independent and 1 is Labour.

An invitation to all current East Midlands MEPs was sent out in early June 2015; we had one response - from Emma McClarkin.

Emma’s first contribution to Clarborough & Welham Newsletter appears in our Autumn 2015 issue.
Emma’s contact details can be found on her website here...

Emma McClarkin’s article on the TATA Steel issue (April 2016)

However, even Emma stopped communicating with us, even after several prompts, by the end of 2016.

What does the Queen think about Europe? Read this...

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For a more thorough insight into the political groupings within the European Parliament and how our national parties fit into these, click here.

Bill Newton-Dunn was our Liberal MEP until the most recent elections - we leave his reports here for reference. Click on the links below for his reports from the European Parliament:

MEP Report (19th March, 2014)

MEP Report (19th February, 2014)

MEP Report (21st January, 2014)

MEP Report (19th December, 2013)

MEP Report (26th November, 2013)

MEP Report (10th October, 2013)

MEP Report (12th September, 2013)

MEP Report (4th July, 2013)

MEP Report (13th June, 2013)

MEP Report (23rd May, 2013)

MEP Report (18th April, 2013)

MEP Report (14th March, 2013)

MEP Report (7th February, 2013)

MEP Report (13th December, 2012)

MEP Report (20th November, 2012)

MEP Report (26th October 2012)

MEP Report (14 September 2012) President of the European Commission, Barroso, State of the Union 2012 address can be read in full here.

MEP Bulletin (Summer 2012)

    MEP Report (11 July 2012) can be viewed here.

    MEP Report (14 June 2012) can be viewed here

    MEP Report (15 March 2012) can be viewed here. A summary of part of Bill’s report appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter

The European Parliament is the fully democratic and open body which represents the public. Its website address is   You can also watch its proceedings on the internet by googling "EuroParlTV" It is the forum for the public's representatives, directly elected from all 27 member states of the EU. It shares equal powers with the national governments to make EU laws and to control EU decisions. MEPs table questions, and debate problems and new ideas. You would be warmly welcomed by Bill if you decided to visit the parliament in Brussels (but warn him in advance so that he can be there to greet you).