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Clarborough & Welham IT Group have been providing computer-based tuition for more than a decade and are now one of the biggest providers of computer tuition in the area. Based in Clarborough Village Hall, the Group provides sessions designed for absolute beginners through to more accomplished IT users. Prices are kept low to provide maximum access - see our dedicated website for more details.

Want local IT tuition - to improve your personal use of IT or improve your employment skills? Clarborough & Welham IT Group have classes on Tuesday afternoons (13:30-15:00) and Wednesday mornings (10:00-11:30). Classes try to focus on members’ needs - every session begins with a ‘Gardeners Question Time’.


An exciting, new option: Digital Image editing.
We are hoping to launch a short course of 5 weeks on Friday evenings starting on 4th January, 2019 which will focus on digital photograph editing.
This will be based around the open source (free) application Gimp (see below) which has just undergone a major update to version 2.10.

Initial thoughts have highlighted the following topics:

1. Gimp installation. Getting images off camera/phones and onto computers; basic filing system organisation and storage approaches. File types, properties and conversions. Recommended reference sources.
2. First steps in editing; cropping, sharpening, exposure correction. Also, use of the screen ‘grabbing’ Print Screen key on your keyboard as a short cut to image downloading.
3. Colouring monochrome images – as shown in images on the right - using layers
4. Printing images; advice on commercial vs home printing and why inkjet printers are uneconomical options!
5. Session reserved for members suggestions and possible lead-in to follow-up course on book publishing.

The actual content of sessions will, once again, be mainly in the hands of group members - ‘gardeners’ question time’ again!
The full programme of 5 weeks will costs just £30 so why not come along to Clarborough’s Christmas Tree Lighting on 5th December to have a chat about this exciting new development and to book your place. Alternatively, contact Greg via the links at the foot of this page.

For more or to enrol see contacts at foot of this page. Our IT Group’s dedicated website has much more including calendar of classes through to July 2019.

Open-source software
Our IT Group is a keen advocate of open-source software which not only provides software suites that are completely free to users but also applications that interface ‘seamlessly’ with commercial products from the likes of Microsoft and Apple. For more on the open-source movement, see the Wikipedia article here...

Applications currently in use both in our office and also our learning suite include:

    Firefox web browser - a full office suite including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database and drawing applications that is compatible with Microsoft Office. We use Apache OpenOffice to produce our sister publication, Clarborough & Welham Newsletter.

    Libre Office is a ‘fork’ from the original OpenOffice programme and provides an alternative to Apache’s application having some advantages.

    Thunderbird e-mail client (however, we advocate webmail such as Gmail to our members making ‘client’ software redundant).

    Gimp image editor - by the way, meet Wilbur, Gimp’s mascot!

    Audacity application for recording and editing sounds

To learn more about these applications, for download links and the whole open-source movement, take a look at Clarborough & Welham IT Group’s dedicated website.

The IT Group’s website also includes details of their programme of classes for Absolute Beginners and those a little Beyond Beginners together with application procedures.

For more details or to enrol on our IT Group’s programmes, get in touch with Greg on (01777) 700 918 or e-mail