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First Responders Fundraising - some changes
The following short article was published in the Spring 2014 issue of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter and is included here as information regarding our community First Responders.

In recent years Ann, Louis & Susan Cobb together with Family and friends have held an annual Midsummer Coffee afternoon, to raise funds for the Retford Area 1st Responders Unit. The Money that has been raised from the coffee afternoon and other activities such as table top sales and donations from individuals and local groups has been passed to the Retford branch of St John Ambulance to provide medical supplies and equipment for the 1st Responder volunteers.

In previous years the Retford 1st Responders unit was administered under the umbrella of St John Ambulance. However it is expected that in the near future, the 1st Responders, whilst remaining unpaid volunteers, will be administered from within the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS). To ensure that the Money raised is used to fund our local volunteers, The Coffee Afternoon Fund will, from this year, have a more hands on approach by providing equipment and supplies direct to individual 1st Responders as the need arises. To this end Paul Harpham & Eric Jones (1st Responder) will be assisting Ann to distribute the funds according to need.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped or supported us in the past and look forward to your continued support this coming year.

Paul Harpham

The following previous text is left for the moment for reference purposes - and contact phone numbers below.

First Responders and St John Ambulance (SJA) are working together to bring life-saving support to the members of Clarborough Village via a structure made up of Volunteers.

Trained SJA First Responders can provide fast life-saving care to seriously ill members of the village with equipment provided by donations before a NHS front-line ambulance may arrive.

When you dial “999” your call will go through to the Ambulance Control Room where a trained operator will process your call. Whilst asking you questions they will start the necessary procedure to mobilise help to travel to the required location. This can be a First Responder or a Fast Response Vehicle with a Paramedic being despatched initially plus an ambulance following on to provide extra back-up and the necessary transport to transfer the patient to hospital.

Due to the rural location of the village, having First Responders who live in the village or very near is an essential part of providing a rapid response to a “999” call. First Responders are volunteers who “log-on” with the Ambulance Control Room to provide this service and the Controllers are aware of their availability on their screens and also the equipment that they carry so that when a call which would be appropriate for them to attend comes in they can quickly make contact and use the services which are on offer.

For this service to continue Fund Raising has to be organised on a regular basis to ensure that on-going training and replacement of stock has adequate cash available. Eric and Angela Jones recently came to see the Clarborough Village Ventures Team to explain their work and would be happy to receive enquiries from potential new members for both St John Ambulance and First Responders.

Ann Cobb and family have continued their outstanding efforts to raise funds for our local First Responders. See the Winter 2012 issue of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter (page 10) for details and photo of their £1200 donation made at the Kings Arms in October. Also, have a look at the Winter 2011 issue of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter for details of the £1000 presentation made by Clarborough Village Ventures and £600 donation made by the Cobb family to support our local First Responders.

If you are interested in joining or supporting First Responders, please contact either:

Angela Jones on 07714 242 816 or Eric Jones on 077545 686 724

Alternatively Retford  SJA members meet on Monday evenings at 19:30 hrs at SJA HQ, 15 Churchgate,  Retford, Notts. DN22 6PA - new members are always welcome.