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So, where would the UK ‘do business’ if we decided to leave the EU? A good question!

We seem to have heard a lot of rhetoric along the lines of ‘UK out’, but not too much of what European citizenship has done for the average UK citizen since the UK joined back in 1973.

Since 1973 the world has changed - changes that are accelerating while you are reading! In 1973 the USA dominated world economics - within the next year or two the balance of economic ‘clout’ will have shifted such that China will be ‘top dog’ and the EU will have pushed the US into third place. Watch out too for India and Brazil who, according to the IMF and others, will be at ‘top table’ by 2020. If you have children (or grandchildren) this is the world they will go to work in.

For an insight into this and other related questions, have a look at the following recent articles from The Independent:

Building bridges and reaching out so we can all have our say on Europe
Only around one  in three people in the UK vote in European Parliamentary elections and many of them do not understand their rights as EU citizens. Why is it important to vote?

For an insight into this and other related questions, have a look at the following recent articles from The Independent:

So what has Europe ever done for you?
A cap on mobile roaming charges: Thanks to the EU Roaming Regulation, in force since 2007, when you travel across Europe your mobile phone bill is much lower. The maximum an operator can charge is €0.24

The European debate: Do you know your EU rights?
If you fly within Europe and your plane is delayed or order something online from a retailer in an EU state and want a refund, you will benefit from your rights as an EU citizen. Likewise, if you choose to study, work or retire in another EU country, your rights on everything from health to residency are protected. But do you know what those  rights are?

Finally, trade deals with other countries. This particular mantra has been thrown up so frequently as a reason for Brexit that it could be assumed to be a ‘good move’. However, reflections on the responses to British approaches seem to contradict the notion that ‘wider’ trade deals are out there to be struck. Let’s reflect on:

USA has repeated the line ‘join the queue’ - not exactly a come-in greeting.

China (the world’s up-and-coming No.1 market) doesn’t seem interested, prefers to talk to the EU !

India (soon to be a top group market) - only interested if UK opens up its finance market to them.

EU - remember that at the moment they are level pegging with USA as top world market - we may be leaving them!!

On the other hand such large (!!) markets as Singapore are keen to deal with us.

With so much now becoming clearer it seems democratic for everyone in the UK to have a chance to express their opinion on whether the deal negotiated by our Government is the one we actually want. A second Referendum would be a sign that Government believed in democracy.