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Bassetlaw has been a focus for so much history, much of it taking on a global significance as we have seen in other parts of this website. What many - even locals - donít realise is that many of the key movers of what have become known as the Mayflower Pilgrims came from an area of roughly 30 miles round Retford.

Bassetlaw Christian Heritage Faith, roots, heritage. Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire, has a diverse and significant Christian heritage characterised by independent thinking, passion, and the pursuit of tolerance.
The Mayflower Pilgrims were probably the most significant product of these attributes - for much more about them and current plans to celebrate their sailing to what became America click here...

Retford leads the way!
Retfordís March 2018 Annual Religious Tolerance Forumís provides the key to
support for the Mayflower Pilgrims Commemoration in the USA.
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For much more about BCH, go to our Local Faiths page here...

With the approaching 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Pilgrimís departure for the Americas approaching in 2020, a host of events and commemorations are planned across the globe and, very significantly, right here in the Retford area around which it all began!

Many events and activities took place as part of the Illuminate 400 programme through November & December 2016. Click here to explore these in more detail.
A detailed listing of these events also appears on page 24 of the Winter 2016 issue of Clarborough & Welham Newsletter - see Newsletter section on left-hand menu.

Plans are already well advanced for November-December 2017 Illuminate 400 events - watch this space!

For more on the local Mayflower Pilgrims links, see the links in our Clarborough History page.

The Well, Retford, commemorated the 400th Anniversary of the death of THOMAS HELWYS, founder of the Baptist denomination and pioneer of Religious Liberty for All.

Speakers were: Baroness Berridge and Rev Tony Peck

for more details of this exciting event, read on:

Thomas Helwys event poster (12th March 2016) at The Well, Retford.

Thomas Helwys event background briefing (12th March 2016) at The Well, Retford.