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near Retford, Bassetlaw
North Nottinghamshire
United Kingdom

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Our local canal is The Chesterfield Canal, it flows through the parish from the area of The Hop Pole, on the outskirts of Retford (A620) via The Gate Inn, Clarborough, and on through Hayton.

The canal was opened to traffic in 1777. As originally planned it would have come no where near Clarborough and Welham but would have gone from Chesterfield via Kiveton Park then almost straight to Bawtry. At that time, Bawtry was a thriving river port on the River Idle. Chesterfield was a growing town and exported coal, lead and manufactured goods but with only wagons or pack-horses, transport was slow, expensive and often, in winter, impossible... read more of David Dawson’s If it’s the Chesterfield Canal, what’s it doing in Clarborough?, click here...


For much more, contact the Chesterfield Canal Trust: