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The Aurora Wellbeing Centre, based in the Worksopís Old Library complex, supports people with a cancer diagnosis within Bassetlaw as well as offering a very wide range of other services.

From 7th October, 2020 The Auroroa Centre is relocating while the long-awaited refurbishment of their building takes place. For much more and contacts for Auroraís ongoing services, click on:

Aurora Centre also has access to a Retford-based personal exercise facility - read more here...

The Aurora Centreís press release regarding ongoing services during Covid-19 here... and on-site activities here...

The Centreís charity shop is now open for business Monday to Friday 10:00 until 14:00 with all social distancing measures in place for a safe shopping experience. Lotís of bargains to be had!


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Whatís on at the Aurora Centre through Spring 2020? Click on this link to discover just how much the Centre does in Ďnormalí times.








For much more about the centre, click this link to go to their own website.