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Clarborough & Welham community, your gateway to Retford, Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire and origins of the Mayflower Pilgrims

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Clarborough Festival in doubt! Without further support we will be unable to put the Festival on this year, the festival is an asset  to the community and it would be a shame if we were to lose it.
Get in touch if you can help - contacts here...
This could be a great opportunity for volunteers looking to enhance CVs or gain management experience!!

Clarborough Village Hall booking phone line has changed - click here...

Retford Charter Day will take place on 25th May, 2020. Everyone interested in planning of this event are invited to a meeting on 27th February at Retford Town Hall. Click here for details.

Working with Bassetlaw District Council, the NHS and other partners, ‘Get out get active (GOGA)’ will support people with long term conditions to help people to access physical activity linked to Bassetlaw Action Centre’s ‘Staying Well Programme’. For much more on GOGA click here...

Health Walks at Idle Valley start outside the Visitor Centre at 10:00 on Wednesdays 19th February, 4th March and 18th March. All welcome!

Consultation on Bassetlaw’s revised Local Plan - meeting dates here...

Bassetlaw Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Not for Profit Working in Partnership with the NHS’ at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2020, recognising their outstanding dedication to improving health and wellbeing. Read the press release on our Health & Welfare page here...
Better in Bassetlaw are launching a trial Mental Health Cafes scheme for anyone needing support - evening sessions at The Crossing, Worksop will run 17:00-21:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Just drop-in! Read more here...

Forthcoming Religious Tolerance events organised by Bassetlaw Christian Heritage (BCH) here... and Babworth Snowdrops weekend here...

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw NHS are running a range of screening programmes for all ages. Visit our Local Screening page here...

Local Gardens open February-March, 2020. Bolhman Manor will be supporting Bassetlaw Hospice.

Next Bassetlaw Youth Council Meeting in Retford Town Hall on 12th March.

Volunteering opportunities next Christmas?! Click here for much more including Spencers on 18th February.

Parents play a key role in supporting their children through both crisis and recovery, but that they struggle to find the resources they need to do this. This website is for parents who are supporting their children with mental health issues.

Retford Library closed on 7th December for major refurbishment and Worksop Library is closed due to flooding.
Click here for more... and even more about Worksop here...
However, monthly Tabletop Gaming continues - relocated to Retford Fire Station, click here for dates.
For mobile Library Services click here...

The Pilgrims Gallery, a £750,000 Lottery project at Bassetlaw Museum, opened on 19th September - read more on our Museum’s pages here...

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s events and activities at Idle Valley Centre for January-April, 2020.  Click on logo for the full listing

Clarborough & Welham IT Group’s classes focus on Windows 10 since all Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends in January, 2020. Come to get Windows 10 experience with us! Click on logo for more including class dates through to July, 2021.
Our IT Group is also looking to provide back-to-work skills - see the IT Group page...

Bassetlaw Action Centre announces minibus trips for January-April, 2020.
Bassetlaw Action Centre is also looking for volunteers for their elderly persons befriending service. Click here for details.

Staying Well Programme for folks with long-term conditions - read more here...

Looking for advertising opportunities that blanket-cover our community as well as much wider impacts? Clarborough & Welham Newsletter has spaces for new advertisers - see here for current and back issues and here for advertising details.

Thursday CCC (Coffee & Chat) at Clarborough Village Hall on Thursdays (10:45-12:00).
Click on poster for more.

VE75 commemoration planning has started - see VE75 Events page here...

Local Cancer support networks and support events here...

Clarborough Table-top sale - first Saturday of each month - see a snapshot here!

PCSO Dave Airey’s local Crime Reports here...

Got a health condition and need help finding and staying in work?
Click for more... about Workingwin.

Did you know that your pharmacist will delivery to your door and that you can save a packet on repeat prescriptions? Read more...
Also, f
or all Health Services across Bassetlaw see Health & Welfare page

Under 25 and need help or advice?
Click on the poster.

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For a page of useful local contacts, see that page
as a sub-page of Finding Us.

Our site is constantly evolving, so if you’ve got any comments or suggestions for possible additions or improvements, please go to our Contact us page and let us know. For a summary of how we have structured this community website, and how to get the best out of it, go to Site navigation by left clicking on the blue underlined words in this sentence.

With more than 200 pages, our community website is your one-stop-shop for everything from local groups to national and European issues affecting our community. Over the past few years this site has been servicing between 1500 and 2000 pages viewed per week (not ‘hits’ - they run into the hundreds of thousands!). We pull together public sector inputs from Health, Education, Social services, Law and Order as well as providing you with direct links to all of your elected representatives. We also provide emergency links to your utility suppliers as well as a range of advice centres. Watch out also for regular notices of employment opportunities, activities, entertainment and local courses. In fact - explore our site!

We also provide insights into life. both past and present, in Clarborough and Welham. For the moment, have a look in our Local Groups pages to see just how much is happening right now. Local History has an expanding set of transcripts of Log Books (starting in 1871) of our village school in Local Schools Primary School History.
Our Out and About section links to a huge variety of local events - local courses to holiday activities for youngsters.

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